Hot spot repair service

Hot spot repair service

insulcon hot spot repair service 1 HSR Hot Spot has formedThe Insulcon Group’s hot spot repair service is a trouble-shooting specialty which prevents an unscheduled and extremely costly shutdown.

When hot spots require intervention, a forced shutdown would affect the efficiency objectives considerably. Our service ensures that continuous thermal processes can remain in operation while we are fixing the hot spot!

Many successful hot spot repair jobs

During the last 25 years, the Insulcon Group has successfully executed many hot spot repair jobs during full operation of process heaters, boilers (HRSG’s), reformers, etc. The unique hot spot repair technique is very successful because of the development of a wide range of high temperature injection mixes, a fully controlled pneumatic injection system and our qualified personnel who are always on standby and have lots of experience and knowledge in repairing hot spots.

Because the furnace is in continuous operation, the LTM (low thermal mass) or the hard refractory lining might start to deteriorate. This might result in damaging the backup insulation, which causes the steel casing (or even the main carrying structure) to get overheated and therefore the steel structure can start to deform. The total unit will become unpredictably unstable and this is a safety risk. What follows is an (unscheduled) emergency shutdown.

No shutdown

We provide a 'first aid' repair of the hot spots with our hot spot repair service, which enables the thermal unit to remain online. When the first scheduled maintenance stop is reached, the lining can be replaced if necessary. But most of the time the repaired hot spot is a permanent hot face repair.

Visual impression

For a visual impression, please watch the video about the biggest hot spot refractory repair in the history of the Insulcon Group on our YouTube channel.